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Viewing the Site
Browser compatibility and javascript

ASAP is designed according to the Internet standards and make use of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The website supports various browser and there different versions (Chrome, IE, Firefox etc). See the browser's recommendations for best viewing.
JavaScript is used throughout the site to add versatility and various features. Some users may have to manually disable this feature, though JavaScript is enabled in the browser by default.

Browser Recommendations
As web browser technology develops, new capabilities become available which can improve the appearance of online content as well as offer new features to facilitate your research activities.
Accessing the Site

Individual user will be asked to sign in with their user name and password to access full contents.

Users at institutions with a access may access The ASAP website remotely by logging into the institution's library system or on-site by accessing the institution's Wi-Fi service. Important for Librarians: ASAP website can be access directly using the IP Access. For more information please contact

Buying/Subscriptions of Ebooks and Journals

Contact ASAP for E-Books and E-Journals or you can also contact you subscription agent. Please mention single site or multi-site license is required. You can always ask for free trail.

Types of Institutional Online Subscriptions:
Single Site. The single site license includes IP addresses for one geographical location in one city that is administered by one organization.
Multi-Site. Any institution that does not qualify for a single site license must purchase a multi-site license. Institutions that are classified as multi-site may include
(a) an institution whose registered IP addresses encompass more than one geographic site (e.g., a university campus that administers a branch campus in a different city or suburb)
(b) an institution located on a host site that has a separate administration (e.g., a government laboratory located on a university campus).

Please note: An agreement would be signed between ASAP and the institution and then the subscription will start.
Personal /Individual

You will need to make the payment for the ebook or the journal that is required by you. This payment can be made using various ways. Please visit how to make payment link. And then you can Contact ASAP for E-Books and E-Journals at